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About Us

MC s.a.s. del dott. ing. D. Chindemi & C. deals with :

  • Design and construction of special tools
  • Design and production of clamping fixtures, both machanical and hydraulic
  • Machine retooling
  • Machine retrofitting
  • Construction machinery third parties
  • Turnkey solutions

MC focusing on technological innovation, reducing costs and quality, is able to deliver “turnkey” solutions for the metalworking industry in general and even more particularly for the automotive industry, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural machines, manufacturers of machinery, aerospace industry, naval, manufacturers of pumps, gear engines and all precision mechanical components. MC together with their divisions MC Beta - Machinery division and MC Production Tooling Division, is able to carry out activities ranging from design, engineering, production of comprehensive equipment, the management of complex projects to the supervision of construction sites with experienced engineers supported by skilled labor.
MC is based in Granarolo Emilia, just a few kilometers from Bologna - Italy.
MC Beta - Machinery division - has its own factory at Nonantola near Modena and is responsible for assembly, construction, overhaul and retooling machinery.
MC Production Tooling Division is based in Locatedi Triulzi - Milano - Italy , where tools and clamping devices are designed and manufactured. MC Production Tooling division is organized with a technical office equipped with the last 3d Cad-Cam suite and a workshop containing the latest CNC machines generation in every department. Cylinder heads, engine blocks, gearboxes, transmissions boxes, distribution boxes, reduction gears, pump housings, gear motors, steering units, mechanisms (gears - sleeves - trees), are some examples of productions tackled. Technical experts in the present field within the various divisions of MC are capable of providing complete technical support.