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MC puts to the service of its clients an efficient organization, consisting of a highly experienced and specialized team and of adequate means for the realization of important projects.
For MC working with its partners and its clients in a open and engaging way, is the right pattern to reach the best solution.
This by using well-established methodologies, which by emphasizing teamwork, are fully result-oriented. MC gives an important value to the exchange of ideas and to cooperation needed to turn competences into products and better procedures.
Is the cooperation that does express the full potential of an organization. In compliance with these ideals, we have developed and perfected over the years a network of collaborations with other companies in order to offer the maximum guarantee of reliability even for the delivery of complex and important projects.
MC, through partnerships with external engineers studies and hardware and software companies, with proven experience in the field of machine tools, constitutes a solid organization able to meet all the needs of its customers, current and future.